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Global Sourcing

Global Sourcing

Durbin buys directly from manufacturers and wholesalers all over the world.

Having close relationships with most of the top 30 pharmaceutical companies enables us to approach the necessary local affiliate marketing and supply chain managers within the relevant innovator company. We have experience in sourcing:

  • Comparators
  • Standard of Care medications
  • Rescue medications
  • Ancillary supplies – such as infusion lines and pumps

Global network of suppliers

In some trials the sponsor wishes to purchase from the open market and not direct from the Innovator. Over nearly 50 years Durbin has built up a global network of wholesalers and specialist suppliers. This network allows us to effectively source from numerous countries in a cost effective and trustworthy way.


Durbin can supply Certificate of Analysis, MSDS, TSE/BSE statements and Certificates of Origin where applicable.


Within the last year our sourced drugs include:


Actos         Adizem Bezalip    Clexane
Coracten Diovan Flolan Glimepride
Glipizide Januvia Lantus Lipitor
Pradaxa Regranex Tildiem Victoza


Almita Aransep Avastin Erbitux
Herceptin Levact Lucentis Nalorex
Neulasta Nexavar Sutent Tarceva
Vented Xeloda Xyrem Zometa


Atripla       Emtriva Intelence Isentress
Kaletra Norvir        Prezista Storcin
Sustiva Truvada Zerit

Please contact us for more information on our sourcing capabilities.

Global Reach

Global Reach

Global Reach

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