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    Off Grid Lighting Solutions

    T +44 (0)20 8869 6597
    E Lighting@DurbinGlobal.com

    Off Grid Lighting Solutions


    Light the world

    Durbin, the leading specialist supplier of medical and relief goods to global charities and NGOs, has partnered with a number of the leading off grid lighting solution developers to help alleviate the dangers of kerosene use and bring clean, affordable light to developing communities.

    Strong evidence is emerging that kerosene is associated with a magnitude of health issues including respiratory disorders, Tuberculosis, burns and poisoning. The need is clear for a cheaper, sustainable lighting alternative. These lighting solutions provide this.

    Together, Luminaid, Gravity light and the Ehub offer a full range of solutions specifically designed for use in developing communities and relief situations. Pilot studies have already demonstrated that replacing kerosene and, black carbon lighting sources with off grid lighting solutions will provide a reduction in health issues, and empowers communities by increasing productivity and education.

    The Durbin Difference

    Delivering clean, renewable and safe light

    Ideal for relief and developing countries

    Ethically sourced, delivered by experts


    Off Grid Lighting Solutions

    T +44 (0)20 8869 6597