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    Uniphar acquires Durbin



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    Durbin is one of the world’s leading specialist medical suppliers and an integral part of Uniphar’s Product Access division. Established over 50 years ago, Durbin offers a bespoke distribution platform to provide patients with access to unlicensed and speciality medicines in over 160 countries.

    With offices and warehousing in the UK, Europe and USA, Durbin prides itself on being a trusted global partner to healthcare manufacturers and can supply products from source covering everything from a single cold chain item to large scale humanitarian projects. Durbin is fully licensed by the UK MHRA, USA Pharmacy Authorities and DEA.

    Exclusive Access Services

    Expanded Access Programs – running programs for pharmaceutical and biotech companies on a compassionate and named-patient basis

    Clinical Trial Supply – supplying comparators for pharmaceutical companies both directly and via third-parties

    Bespoke Specialist Distribution – storage, logistics and delivery tailored to your needs

    On-Demand Access Services

    International Sales – supplying branded and generic pharmaceuticals to healthcare professionals around the world

    UK Imports – supplying UK hospitals with unlicensed medicines, out of stock solutions and regulatory support

    Sexual Health Supplies – supplying reversible contraceptives and equipment to healthcare professionals in the UK

    In addition, we supply pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and consumables to the Aid and Development sector for projects across the developing world.

    Durbin ODA e-Brochure

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