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    Can you get single batch and documentation?

    Yes, Durbin’s extensive and long standing relationships mean that we can buy directly from manufacturers therefore allowing us to obtain the necessary documentation. We have close links up to and including board level.

    We also know the processes needed to obtain the required documentation and can guide the sponsor through that process.

    Durbin regularly obtains large quantities in single batches and can often arrange special production runs to meet sponsor requirements.

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    Can you ship to Russia, India and the Far East?

    Yes, Durbin frequently ships to over 180 countries including Russia, India and those in the Far East. Our specialist logistics team and the experience we have built up of over 50 years of trading, means that we have the expertise to deliver to all countries. Please contact us for information on specific locations.

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    What is your margin?

    Our margin varies depending on the value and complexity of the order. Durbin is totally transparent about its costs and margin and will negotiate each individually with you.

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    What is your security of supply?

    Durbin buys directly from the innovator, there can be no better guarantee of security of supply than that.

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    Do you have a US license?

    Yes, Durbin can ship drugs to any US state and frequently supplies to clients across the USA.

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