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    Transparent Pricing

    Transparent Pricing

    Clinical Trials Supply represents a significant proportion of the clinical trial cost and it is important to all sponsors that costs are fully managed and controlled.

    We believe that this can only be enabled by true open partnership between the supplier and sponsor. Sharing our cost price enables you to fully understand the market price of the goods. We can then negotiate a mutually acceptable profit margin. This transparency ensures you have the knowledge to feel confident that you have obtained an advantageous agreement for your company.

    Buying directly from a specialist wholesaler

    Buying directly from Durbin – a specialist pharmaceutical supplier – rather than a repackaging company eliminates the need for numerous transactions and reduces the final cost price to the sponsor.

    Generic sourcing

    Sourcing generically can offer up to 80% discount on branded list price. Our policy of transparency has been ‘market changing’ in this particular area as we disclose the discounts and pass them on to our clients. Durbin works closely with all generic companies to negotiate substantial discounts for our clients. We offer:

    • Transparency in costing
    • Invoices for all costs
    • Negotiated profit margins
    • Partnership approach

    Transparent Pricing

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