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    ​Barts ramps up patient care with Durbin appointment

    ​Barts ramps up patient care with Durbin appointment

    15 December 2015

    Barts Health Pharmaceuticals has appointed Durbin, one of the world’s leading specialist medical suppliers and distributors of pharmaceuticals, to exclusively distribute its UK Specials products. Barts strives to provide a high quality Specials service that reduces risk, frees time for nurses and meets patients’ needs, and the appointment of Durbin further strengthens that commitment to patients says James Rickard, Head of Barts Health Pharmaceuticals.

    James continues:

    “Barts identified manufacturing as a major way we can support patient care. By manufacturing products that meet the needs of patients, healthcare professionals are able to provide a higher quality treatment, and as a result we have invested heavily in this area. However, we realised that we did not have the necessary capabilities in distribution and customer services. To effectively serve our NHS colleagues, Barts needed an excellent distribution partner.

    “We wanted a company that could distribute quickly to the whole country, manage many dispatches every week, and had excellent storage facilities. After an extensive analysis of the different providers, we chose Durbin.

    “Barts is delighted to be working with Durbin to provide a better service to NHS patients. The ethical approach Durbin takes to business, combined with their capability in distribution and order management, made them an ideal partner.”

    Durbin works in partnership with healthcare professionals, pharmaceutical companies, global charities and relief organisations across its specialist areas of; supply of ethical unlicensed pharmaceuticals, global pharmaceutical distribution, relief goods, Managed Access Programme, Clinical Trial Supply goods and Sexual Health Supplies.

    Leslie Morgan, CEO of Durbin, comments:

    “Durbin and Barts share the same philosophy of putting the patient at the heart of what we do, but doing it in an efficient, effective manner. We already supply the NHS across the UK with Specials, and our partnership with Barts will help to develop these offerings further. We are thrilled to be working with Barts and look forward to developing the relationship in the future.”

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