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    If you would like a copy of the catalogue, please submit your details on the catalogue page

    Sexual Health Supplies


    Do your catalogue prices include VAT?

    No, all prices shown in our catalogue exclude VAT.

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    What is your minimum order value?

    There is no minimum order value, but a carriage charge may apply to smaller orders.

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    What are your carriage charges?

    Carriage is free on orders totalling more than £120.00 excluding VAT. Smaller orders are subject to a carriage charge of £6.50 per order.

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    Do you accept credit cards?

    Yes, we accept Visa and Mastercard.

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    Can we see a representative?

    Yes. Please phone or email us to arrange an appointment.

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    How do we set up an account with you?

    Please fax your first order on a printed letterhead, showing full address details and fax numbers. To meet MHRA requirements, please include Senior Partner's name and GMC Registration Number. Please ask the Senior Partner to sign the fax, as all orders received will be deemed to be placed under his/her authority. We will do the rest.

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    Do you supply samples?

    Yes, in many cases we can. Please phone or email us with your requirements.

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    Do you offer different pack sizes?

    Yes. If a particular pack size is not shown in our catalogue, please phone or email us to check its availability.

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